AMK Maciej Wojtkowiak

AMK- Metall specializes in the design and fabrication of an extensive range of products in structural and stainless steel for both domestic and commercial applications.

By combining an innovative approach with the knowledge and experience of our dedicated team, we are able to be competitive in the European market. This has led to the completion of a wide range of projects throughout Poland, Germany and the UK.

In order to fulfil the requirements and expectations of our customers AMK-Metall guarantees the highest quality products and customer service.

We will always go the extra mile to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


It is difficult to imagine modern construction without modern steel structures. They are indispensable in the construction of residential, industrial and utility facilities intended for service, commercial and sports purposes. Steel structures and their elements are used for many purposes and are so common that we come into contact with them almost everywhere on a daily basis. They are used for interior fittings in buildings and industrial halls as well as for the construction of fences and gates.